Spring 2013: Thursdays 3:05PM - 5:35 PM
Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, Room C104

Timothy Lenoir
Kimberly J. Jenkins Chair in
New Technologies & Society
lenoir A-T duke D-O-T edu
Smith Warehouse Bay 11 Room A231
919-668-1952 (office)
Office hours: By appointment

Patrick Herron
Research Analyst/Technologist
Jenkins Collaboratory
patrick D-O-T h A-T duke D-O-T edu
Smith Warehouse Bay 11 Room A241
919-668-0276 (office)
Office hours: By appointment


  • Videodrome (1983) by David Cronenberg
    First it controls your mind...then it destroys your body

    Lowlife cable TV operator Max Renn discovers a "snuff TV" broadcast called Videodrome. But Videodrome is more than a TV show - it's an experiment that uses regular TV transmissions to permanently alter the viewer's perceptions by giving them brain damage. Max is caught in the middle of the forces that created Videodrome and the forces that want to control it, his body itself turning into the ultimate weapon to fight them.

  • SRI Presentation (1968) by Douglas Engelbart (right click to download & play full screen)
    At the heart of this vision was the computer as an extension of human communication capabilities and resource for the augmentation of human intellect.

    By 1968 Engelbart and a group of young computer scientists and electrical engineers he assembled in the Augmentation Research Center at SRI were able to stage a 90-minute public multimedia demonstration of a networked computer system. This was the world debut of the computer mouse, 2-dimensional display editing, hypermedia--including in-file object addressing and linking, multiple windows with flexible view control, and on-screen video teleconferencing.