Spring 2015: Tuesdays 1:25 PM - 3:55 PM
Smith Warehouse, Bay 10, Room A266 ("Collision Space")

Timothy Lenoir
Kimberly J. Jenkins Chair in
New Technologies & Society
lenoir A-T duke D-O-T edu
Smith Warehouse Bay 11 Room A231
919-668-1952 (office)
Office hours: By appointment

Patrick Herron
Senior Research Scientist
Jenkins Collaboratory
patrick D-O-T h A-T duke D-O-T edu
Smith Warehouse Bay 11 Room A241
919-668-0276 (office)
Office hours: By appointment


ISIS 250S / LIT621S / ARTHIST 537S / VMS 561S
Critical Studies in New Media
Spring 2015 Tuesdays 1:25 PM -3:55 PM
Smith Warehouse, Bay 10, Room A266 ("Collision Space")

Addresses key issues in the philosophy of new media. Central themes include the materiality of media; media configurations and the co-evolution of human being; computational media and recent discussions of posthumanism; the merger of nano-bio-info-technology and the ubiquity of code; media convergence and the political uses of new media. Examines new media technologies from a transdisciplinary perspective. Builds upon existing expertise in film, literature, and media studies to analyze what is ?new? about new media and how they compare with, transform, and remediate earlier media practices. Proposes the development of a critical analytical framework for approaching new media and relating them to other areas of academic discourse. Promotes a hands-on, active engagement with the technologies as a means for analysis and critique of new media innovations in contemporary academic research. Instructors: Timothy Lenoir and Patrick Herron.

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