Fall 2012, Wednesdays 1:40 PM - 4:10 PM
Smith Warehouse, Bay 4, Room C104

Timothy Lenoir
Kimberly J. Jenkins Chair for
New Technologies in Society
lenoir A-T duke D-O-T edu
Smith Warehouse Bay 11 Rm. A231
919-668-1952 (office)
Office hours: TBD
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Patrick Herron
Research Analyst/Technologist
Jenkins Collaboratory
patrick D-O-T h A-T duke D-O-T edu
Smith Warehouse Bay 11 Room A-232
919-668-0276 (office)
Office hours: By appointment



ISIS 510S / VMS 566S How They Got Game  

History and cultural impact of interactive simulations and video games. Evolution of computer and video game design from its beginnings to the present: storytelling, strategy, simulation, sports, 3D first-person games. Cultural, business, and technical perspectives. Insights into design, production, marketing, and socio-cultural impacts of interactive entertainment and communication.