Fall 2010, Tuesdays 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Smith Warehouse, Bay 12, Room 101

Timothy Lenoir
Kimberly J. Jenkins Chair for
New Technologies in Society
lenoir A-T duke D-O-T edu
Smith Warehouse Bay 11 Rm. A231
919-668-1952 (office)
Office hours: TBD
Course email list: TBD

Patrick Herron
Research Analyst/Technologist
Jenkins Collaboratory
patrick D-O-T h A-T duke D-O-T edu
Smith Warehouse Bay 11 Room A-232
919-668-0276 (office)
Office hours: By appointment


Coursework and Requirements

Two Presentations
In addition to extensive reading and discussion, each student will be required to organize and conduct two of the class sessions beginning in week 3 of the semester. You will pair with another student for each of your presentations. You will be required to prepare the text and readings in the rather traditional textual/oral presentation way (e.g., PowerPoint) for one of those sessions; and for the other of your two presentations you will be the media production person, preparing and delivering multimedia content of your choosing that helps deliver the text/readings-oriented content. You may pair with the same student twice or you may choose to pair with a different person each time.

One Term Paper
A term paper of approximately 25 double-spaced pages is required. In place of a term paper software projects are strongly encouraged. Papers and term projects are due on December 6.